International Women's Day: Celebrating Joyce May Firman

March 8th is International Women’s Day and today we are celebrating Joyce May Firman, the first female letter carrier in Ontario and Canada’s first long-term letter carrier.

Joyce May Firman (1921 – 2015) started her full-time career right here in Port Credit at the old post office in 1967. By the end of her 18-year career, she had covered nearly every postal route in Port Credit.

International Women's Day: Celebrating Joyce May Firman

Joyce was a trailblazer who carved a path for other female letter carriers is Canada. Joyce was also a facilitator of change in the working conditions for all letter carriers.

Joyce faced many challenges and opposition from the all-male letter carriers who postulated that she “would only last two weeks”. When Joyce continued her work beyond the two weeks, the men held a Letter Carriers’ Union of Canada meeting to complain about having a female in their midst.

A few months later, they elected Joyce the first woman secretary of their local union.

Joyce lead a life of volunteerism and leadership. She was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Port Credit Legion (Royal Canadian Legion Branch 82). In acknowledgement of her contributions, Joyce was awarded the Palm Leaf for meritorious service.

We invite you to visit the interpretive plaque located at the old post office in Port Credit (Stavebank Rd. and Lakeshore Rd.) to learn more about Joyce’s inspiring story.

Watch an episode of Ask A Historian with Matthew Wilkinson as he explores Joyce's life and interviews her daughter, Bonnie Heath, on her memories of her historic mother.



Thank you to Councillor Stephen Dasko, Heritage Mississauga, and the City of Mississauga for installing this incredible tribute to an phenomenal woman here in Port Credit.


Images: Heritage Mississauga

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