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Jake Pedler

I have been part of the Port Credit BIA Board of Directors for 3 years. I wanted to join the Board to get involved and assist with the ever so rapid change that is happening in Port Credit. Being a Small Business Owner, I understand the struggles in the best of times. I felt that Port Credit had become a destination spot and we needed to keep up with the growth. I wanted to give back to a community that has given me so many fond memories and friendships along the way. I have been the Port Credit BIA Chair since 2019 and my main role is to make certain that the Board’s Strategic Plan is implemented and executed by our staff. I am the spokesperson, representing our 477 businesses and leading the charge for advocating all our levels of government to assist the small business community. I take my role very seriously and being part of the Port Credit Community since 1990 has given me the chance to form personal relationships with many of our members and community leaders.

“The difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says, ‘GO!’ and a leader says, ‘Let’s go!’”

I initiated the #KeepPCClean campaign which has brought about enhanced Mainstreet cleaning, raised public awareness, strategically planned for events, and implemented more resources and extra garbage bins. I was involved with our Ambassador program in which we hired students to promote our businesses and assist in street cleaning. I initiated the Paid Duty Summer Program to hire Police Officers to be on foot during the prime summer evenings to build Police and community partnerships, and to assist in the later night crowds. This program prevented many incidents having Police Presence on during the peak hours. I presently sit on the Port Credit Community Foundation and Beautification Committee and feel that working with all the festivals and community stake holders is key to moving Port Credit in the right direction. I am proud to have initiated the Support The Port Initiative, which helped stimulate our local businesses with over $20,000 purchased as well as a matching donation to The Compass Foodbank.
PCBIA in 2020: The Global Pandemic has been a challenge that we have never seen before. I am proud to say that the PCBIA has stayed the course with keeping our community safe, beautiful, and promoting the Village to give our businesses a fighting chance. The BIA has had to put advocating on the top of the list to be the voice of our 477 businesses and all the employees associated.

I must give thanks to all the volunteers, the Board Members who have worked extra hard during the year, all while trying to navigate their own businesses and families. I must also say that Natasha Mackinnon and Dianne Dela Cruz have taken the knowledge passed onto them by Beatrice Moreira-Laidlow our late General Manager, and added in their own skills, in order to rise to the occasion and lead the BIA in a passionate and professional manner. We are in great hands moving into 2021!