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Emily Miszk

As a director of the Port Credit BIA, I am responsible for bringing forth new ideas, constructive observations and positive support to help bring about a beneficial environment for our local shops, streets, parks and events.  

As a small business owner myself, I can appreciate how important a strong and supportive community can be.  I first became a small business owner in 2018. It took another two years for me to open my storefront on Lakeshore and rebrand as Port Credit Mortgages.   My office is located in the East Village but I live on the West side of Port Credit.

Creating a business while raising a young family during a pandemic has been challenging to say the least. Our community and friends here in Port Credit have been pivotal in keeping things positive not just for me but for my fellow business owners and neighbours as well. For that reason, I am very passionate about actively contributing to our community through initiatives and organizations such as the Port Credit BIA. 

I am a self-proclaimed Port Credit super fan. I am passionate about connecting and getting to know others and I thrive in an environment where I am meeting new people. Creating a deep and lasting relationship with others is how I have built my mortgage business over the past 15 years and I look forward to sharing these skills and attributes with my community by being an active board member within the Port Credit BIA.  I hope to be able to add value, give back to other businesses and support their growth for many years to come.